Electrical Services

Does your residence need a complete rewiring? Please consider the following:

  • Do you have fuses?
  • Is your electrical meter on the service porch?
  • Is the Main Fuse 30 Amps?
  • Is the Main Breaker 50 or 70 Amps?
  • Is Knob and Tub wiring present?
  • Are the convenience receptacles 3 prong? Grounded?
  • Are the receptacles on kitchen and bath GFCI protected?
  • Can all the appliances be used at same time without blowing fuses or breakers?
  • Are you using extension cords?

Older electrical systems were not designed for the demands of modern appliances most computers require dedicated circuits, grounded receptacles and good “Ground”. Kitchen appliances require proper number of dedicated branch circuits and GFCI receptacles baths require GFCI receptacles. Washing machines require a DEDICATED branch circuit. Central AC requires from 30 to 60 amps and 220 volts on most cases. For peace of mind and comfort, the whole rewiring of a residence is a good investment. Properly done electrical work should last decades.