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Zillah is a small Washington town with a great deal of charm and beauty that simply cannot be found in larger cities.  This part of the world experiences seasonal weather and the landscape is beautiful in every part of the year whether the sun is shining, the leaves are falling or snow is coating the trees.  This is the type of town where children grow up happy and parents can feel good about their family’s home.  This area of the country is safe, quiet and gorgeous all at once. 

If you find yourself in Zillah, no matter the time of year or the season, you should certainly bring your family by The Teapot Dome Service Station.  It exemplifies the small town charm and quirkiness that makes Zillah so special. This service station was, in fact, a full service gas station for many years but is now a historic site.  Shaped like a teapot and painted white and red, it is an example of novelty architecture and is a great place for a family phot op.

Small towns are known for their uniqueness and this part of the world is full of charming and childlike fun that you simply can’t pass up.  Another great family activity takes place in nearby Sunnyside, Washington each chilly December.  Residents come out bundled in their coats and scarves to watch the Lighted Farm Implement Parade.  This parade is just what it sounds like! Tractors, balers, boom trucks and more are lit with Christmas lights and paraded through town for a fun Christmas experience that any family will love!

Though there is lots of great family fun to be had, there are also activities more suited to adults in the area.  For example, nearby Prosser, Washington is home to over 40 wineries and vineyards.  Strolling through the vineyards is a great way to spend a warm Spring or Summer day and you will easily be able to see why Prosser has been called the “birthplace of the Washington wine Industry.”